How to Make $100+ per Article Writing with Google News

How to Make $100+ per Article Writing


Last month, I took a break from actively writing to start a few new projects. This month, I need to make some money, so I've returned to my Old Faithful side hustle of writing news articles to refill my bank account. I've made videos like this in the past, but today I'm going to update you on exactly how you can use Google News to earn anywhere from $60 to $200 plus per article with zero investment and on your own schedule. Let's get into it!

The Method

At a high level, this method involves taking already trending topics, using AI to write profitable articles on them, and then using your brain to turn those articles into money. In this article, I'm going to show you exactly how to do that step by step.

Step 1: Choose Your Platform

Many guides suggest submitting these articles to a website or publication to get paid. However, I prefer a platform called NewsBreak because it’s free, easy to use, and has a built-in audience. NewsBreak pays you for page views, making it a straightforward way to monetize your articles. Alternatively, you can use a Medium account, your own blog, or sell these articles as a freelancer.

Step 2: Find Trending Topics

Once you’ve chosen your platform, the first step is to find trending topics. Go to Google Trends, click "Explore," and change the country to where you're targeting (NewsBreak is only available in the US, so select the US). Change the date to the last 90 days and set the content type to news.

Look for trending topics that interest you. This is crucial because you’ll need to spend some time editing and fact-checking your AI-generated content. When you find a topic, copy the keywords into Google and search under news. Save the top headline and URL into a Google Sheets page or a note-taking app. Repeat this process for as many articles as you plan to write.

If you run out of popular topics from the Explore page, click "Trending Now" on Google Trends or go to Google News for more trending topics.

Step 3: Write Your Articles

Using SEO Writing AI

To write the articles, I use a tool called SEO Writing AI, but you can also use ChatGPT and a text humanizer for free. Here’s a deeper dive into the process:

  1. One-Click Blog Post Tool: Copy your main keywords from Google Trends or Google News and paste them into the main keyword section.
  2. Fill Core Settings: Keep the articles short to minimize editing, use GPT-3 128k for concise content, and humanize text at an eighth-grade level for optimal readability.
  3. SEO Settings: Click "NLP Keyword Generation" for additional phrases, use external linking, and connect to the web for real-time information and authority building.

Using ChatGPT

For a free method:

  1. Open ChatGPT in Google Chrome.
  2. Install the WebChatGPT extension from the Chrome Web Store to connect ChatGPT to real-time web results.
  3. Ask ChatGPT to write a news article for you, complete with headings and source links.
using chatGPT

Step 4: Humanize and Optimize Your Articles

Humanizing your articles is crucial because it makes a difference between simply writing with AI and creating content people want to read. Here’s a five-step process to do this:

  1. Review the Base Article: Open your base article to get a feel for the topic. Skim it for images, quotes, and social media content to embed in your article.
  2. Edit Redundant Information: Remove any repeated information or redundant content.
  3. Add Hyperlinks: Include at least one hyperlink to an external source within each subheading.
  4. Adjust Subheadings: Ensure subheadings tell the story of the article. This helps readers who skim the article decide if they want to read it.
  5. Listen to Your Article: Use text-to-speech tools like Speechify or your device’s native function to hear how the article sounds and make final adjustments for flow.

Before You Go...

Creating profitable articles involves a bit more effort than simply copy-pasting or using plagiarism spinners. That extra work makes the difference between people actually reading your articles and ultimately earning you money.

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