3 Market Gamechangers that are Setting Your Financial Tomorrow

Today, the revolutionizing of the financial industry comes with the advent of fintech companies in the digital world. Such objective are achieved through creation of new technological instruments that allows them to provide financial services which are timelier, more effective, and cheaper. For this article we will study three leading fintech companies from the finance which are changing future of the world.

1 - Company A: Re-defining Digital banking

"Our motto is that banking must be more transparent, simpler and without any fees, and everyone should have access to it." - CEO of Company A

1 - 1 Features and Services

"Our mission is to make banking simpler, more transparent, and free for everyone." - CEO of Company A

Online Banking: With the help of it, a person can use it to administer the account and conduct transactions as well as track the expenses from anywhere on the planet.

Personal Finance Management: With sophisticated capabilities that include money planning and the ability to create financial targets, the clientele can easily control the way they spend money.

1 - 2 Impact

Banks of A Company relied upon its unique strategy to carry out financial stuffs, thus helped set-up bank accounts for millions of customers all over world.

2 - Company B: Investing Democratization

Platform «Company B» is a new investment space with the goal of making the investing attractable to all categories of people, even those people who are weak in financial matters and who do not have medium-term and long-term financial plans.

2 - 1 Features and Services

"Everyone should have the opportunity to grow their wealth." - CEO of Company B

  • "It is believed that fair opportunity to expand on the wealth should be to all people." - Founder of Company B
  • Investment Platform: People can do it leŃ‚ investors a wide range of assets such as stocks, bonds, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Educational Resources: The platform supplies with the whole handbook and video instructions, so individuals can make rational investing choices.

2 - 2 Impact

Through the user-oriented interface and educational content, Company B has started millions of people to invest and put earning possibilities to their disposal.

3. Company C: Appendix: Disrupting the Whole Peer-to-Peer Lending Experience

Company C is a P2P online platform that enables lending to third parties directly to other parties, that makes lending easier, and provides competitive loan rates.

3 - 1 Features and Services

"‘Accordingly, we hold the idea of equal and fair lending process as a principle.’ - CEO of Company C"
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending: People can share or acquire funds directly from one of other users, by deleting most of intermediaries including classic banks.
  • Risk Assessment: The system operates through applying sophisticated algorithms in order to perform calculations of the risks of the borrowers and guarantees the security of the funds of the lenders.

3 - 2 Impact

The disruptive impedances of the charismatic platform of Company C have revolutionised the banking sector, rendering services more efficient and viable.

Fintech, quite literally, is revolutionizing banking by the second, and there are scores of other financial tech startups out there aiming to achieve the same. While technology is ever changing, there will be the emergence of creative solutions with continued advancements in the financial services industry. Be such objectives as controlling your funds, investing or borrowing, first fintech enterprises there is no doubt are here to stay.

Look out for more on the horizon of the dashing fintech realm soon!

Please take note that this article's purpose is to provide general information only and is not to serve as financial advice. Have your due diligence and make sure that you understand what you are doing financially before jumping in.

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