How much a $1,000 cryptocurrency investment would be worth now at the launch of Ethereum

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you invested in Ethereum at the very beginning? This article explores that scenario and dives into the speculative nature of cryptocurrency.

Playing with Play Money

Cryptocurrencies have been on a tear in 2024, and it's tempting to imagine what could have been. The author shares a story of trying to invest in Bitcoin early on but facing hurdles that led to regret later.

Early Ethereum Investment Potential

The article then asks the question: how much would $1,000 invested in Ethereum at launch be worth today? It explores the current price of Ethereum (ETH) and calculates the potential return on investment.

Today's Value vs. Peak Price

While the potential return is significant, the article highlights that today's price isn't the peak. It mentions the all-time high of Ethereum and the even greater return that could have been achieved.

Scarcity in Cryptocurrencies

The article dives into the concept of scarcity in cryptocurrencies, explaining how creators like Bitcoin and Ethereum implement methods to limit supply and drive value.

Speculation vs. Investment

An interesting perspective is offered, differentiating between speculation and investment. The author argues that cryptocurrencies lack intrinsic value and income generation, classifying them as speculative assets.

The article concludes by encouraging responsible investment and avoiding assets that lack measurable value.

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